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Business Law

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Our firm specializes in providing outside general counsel services to small- and mid-sized growth companies in California across all business sectors at a cost that is affordable even to start-ups.

Having a trusted partner to guide your business in the areas of legal compliance, venture capital, contract negotiation and review, corporate governance matters, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and more, is crucial. This enables your company to focus on its core objectives rather than distractions.

Real Estate

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We know real estate. Whether you need assistance with a complex acquisition, a commercial lease, tax credit financing, TIC projects, HOA formation, encroachments, environmental remediation issues, or any other real estate matter, you can rely on our more than twenty-five years of experience to achieve results.

Additionally, look to us for drafting and preparation of professional commercial loan documents, promissory notes, security agreements and deeds as well as the issuance of attorney opinion letters and the formation of single purpose entities, when needed.

“We’ve relied on them on several occasions where insight and results were of the utmost importance”
Sarah L. — Real Estate Client
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our company in legal matters”
Greg Z. — Business Law Client

Asset Protection

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One significant life event such as a health crisis, a lawsuit, a divorce or a natural disaster can result in dire financial consequences. Additionally, for many professionals, it is a matter of when, not if, they will be sued. Most view the legal system as broken, fearing that fast-talking attorneys and run-away juries put their hard-earned savings at risk.

Our firm develops and implements customized asset protection plans for individuals and businesses. Whether your needs dictate the simple formation of a limited liability company or a comprehensive Cook Islands Trust or Domestic Asset Protection Trust, we have the expertise to ensure your assets are properly protected.


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If you have a critical contract-based transaction that can't fail, look to our firm with confidence. With nearly three decades' of experience in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating sophisticated contracts, we ensure your interests are maximally protected.

Whether acquiring the assets of a company, negotiating a manufacturing contract, or purchasing rare artwork, failing to include the proper written terms can prove costly. Please, contact us and put our expertise to work for you.

Civil Litigation

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To succeed in litigation requires a fierce advocate, excellent organization, and clear direction- all qualities you can expect from our team. When you or your business has been wronged, or is accused of wronging another, we fight for you.

Our firm litigates each and every area that we practice- business law, real estate, asset protection, and contracts. Choosing a knowledgeable and capable attorney is often critical to the success of your case. Give us a call and tell us the details of your dispute,  we believe you will be impressed by our capabilities.

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